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That's Another Story

Step into the romance

"Silver" PJ James
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Sin sceal eile in Gaelic literally translates as "That's another story." This is the place I've decided to post my works in progress. For various reasons, including certain limitations on what constitutes a published work, this is a friend-locked site. If you want to read what I've written, please friend this journal. Once I either recognize your user name or check you out, I will most likely add you as a friend. While romance is a large component of my writing, I don't consider myself a "romance writer." Oh...who am I kidding. I write romance novels even though I hope I tell a good story any reader might enjoy. I am also a member of Romance Writers of America (National and Oklahoma chapter) so I'm even a professional. My novel, FAERIE FATE, will be released in 2009 by The Wild Rose Press. Please note, though, that I do write for an adult audience. I will try to rate a chapter in the subject line if it pushes the envelope on sexuality, language or violence.

Please, if you read a chapter, leave a comment - good, bad, or indifferent. A writer can't get better without honest assessment of one's work.

All works are copyrighted by the author. Any unauthorized use will result in said author hunting you down and frying your gizzard in hot oil...before she sics the lawyers on you (and since she is married to one, it's easy to let the dogs out)...But since all of you are friends, I don't anticipate this to be a problem. *wink*

If you are interested in my thoughts as a writer, please wander on over to my writer's blog, Penumbra, and take a look around. Excerpts of several of my novels are posted there and that's where I talk about my current projects, the process of being a writer, and the occasional bit of fun in the form of videos and contests. My first novel will be released in 2009 from