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Okie dokie, LJ...what's up with you? I received a notice that this account had been deleted. Turned out it was a similar account with my email. Did I, ages and ages ago, mess up and have a second account with a sort of close to this user name? My brain? It is made of Swiss cheese.

If I had any sense, I would delete this account. But...There are entries here I want to keep track of, hence the dilemma. At least I know now, that this one is safe for a bit longer. I even managed to remember the password. Swiss cheese, remember?

Now that my heart rate is back to normal, I should get back to work on the next project--the second book in the Penumbra series. Finally. Sade's book is done, on submission, and with a Plan B in mind, time to get started on the next books in the series until I hear back on my other projects also out there on sub.

Later gators.


Question becomes, do I let this journal ride off into the sunset? By posting this, I'm keeping it alive, but I barely use my main account. I'll think about this. I may just kill it myself. We'll see. After the day I've had today, I may just curl up in a ball and refuse to get on the net at all. :-(

Long Time No Post

Wow...It's been a long time. The last time I posted, it was to announce my sale of FAERIE FATE to The Wild Rose Press. A week from tomorrow, my book releases into the world in all formats. At the moment, it's available direct from the publisher in paperback and from Amazon. Next week, the various formats of ebook will be available from the same sources.

In the meantime, I've sold a second book, have a third out on full submission by request of an editor at a NY publisher, and am madly writing the third FAERIE book for Wild Rose, along with the first book in a new paranormal series to be pitched. I have a couple of novellas on the drawing board, too. Busy, busy.

I'll try to check in a bit more often here. I hope things are well with each of you. If you are interested in catching up with me, I'm at www.silverjames.com every day. See you there!


Faerie Fate

In October, I made my first sale. The Wild Rose Press bought my romance novel, Faerie Fate, and has right of first refusal for the two subsequent novels in the Tir Nan Og trilogy. While the book is in preproduction edits for a 2009 release, I did receive the cover art in time for a wonderful Christmas present. What do you think?

A few changes...

I'm in the process of unlocking some posts to the reading circle here and locking others to private. Rationale? The version of Season of The Witch that will be readable now is a more current evolution. I'm locking the original version (first draft from NaNoWriMo). So...Uhm...yeah. Confusing. Sorry. I should have done this before but with the addition of my CP and others from smartbitchcrit, I'm finally getting off my arse and getting a bit more organized. All the writer-ly bits are still friends-locked, though. Want to read? Hit the friends button. Laterz....

What's new?....Not much

I figure that I should update here in an "open" post at least once a year or so. Most posts on this site remain "friend's locked" for a reason. This is where I post my writing projects. Some posts are very rough draft, others are the complete novel, edited and ready for submission. All work here is copyrighted. All posts here will remain open to the friends' list until such time as the novel is published, at which time it will be locked so that only I can see it. Yeah, yeah. I'm a cockeyed optimist when it comes to getting published. I will one day, one way or another.

If you are interested as me as a writer and have wandered here from someplace other than LJ, I fear the only way you will be able to see the posts is by getting an LJ account. If you already have an LJ account, "friend" me and I'll get back to you.

Time to get back to writing.



So shoot me. LJ is being weird. There is a prologue to Mister Moon and the post ended up private. I reposted, locked to friends. It is on the actual sin_sceal_eile page but it isn't loading on my silverjames flist page for some reason, so it may not have loaded on yours, either. It really does need to be read first so...please head on over to the page to read the whole script. Thanks.


Last Call

Okay, friends. It's last call. Five minutes after midnight, November 1. I'm getting ready to star typing madly on Season of the Witch. If you want to read the rough draft, please reply so I can add you to the NaNoWriMo filter. I'm posting these in real time and it will be locked to that filter. To those of you participating - start writing. Let the insanity begin!


Updated lists

traveller_blues, thanks for "friending" and you are on the main filter now, though all the previous entries are backdated.

If any of you want to read Season of the Witch in "real time", comment here and I'll add you to the NaNoWriMo filter. The entries will be hidden behind LJ cuts so they won't take up a lot of room on your fl's. Just over 23 days and counting. I'm excited. I hope the rest of you who are participating are fired up, too.

Keep plotting!


Faerie Fate

This novel is the first of a trilogy. I suppose it is best described as a time travel romance though I hope it is much more than that. The Tuatha de Danaan play a prominant part and we all know what happens when they get involved in mortal affairs. The chapters will be friends' locked so please friend this LJ to read them. All critiques are appreciated.

I have post/pre/whatever-dated this post so that it stays at the top of the chapters. Please note that all posts are copyrighted. And, I've also played with the dates on the chapters themselves so that they remain in order from prologue to epilogue.